Lake Metigoshe State Park


  • 14 miles northeast of Bottineau, ND, along the United States/Canadian border
  • 1,551 acres
  • Takes its name from the Chippewa phrase, “metigoche washegum,” or “clear lake surrounded by oak trees.”
  • Constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in the 1930s
  • Located in the Turtle Mountains on the shores of Lake Metigoshe
  • Old Oak Trail: North Dakota’s first National Recreation Trail

October 2013

As mentioned, I had caught the travel bug although a grand trip to Hawaii isn’t always in the budget. I subsequently decided that my husband and I (or anyone else I could drag along with me) should start a slow tour of the state parks in North Dakota and Minnesota. We happened to be attending a wedding in nearby Dunseith, North Dakota, and it was the perfect opportunity to hit up Lake Metigoshe since it’s such a long haul otherwise.

The night of the wedding was great (beautiful bride, fun country atmosphere, and great friends); however, the weather was not promising to a hike the next day. It was windy and chilly running around in a dress and heels from church to reception, and we (us, North DakOtans…emphasis on the long “O”) happened to get our first early snow of the year.

deerMy husband and I were the only ones in the park as it was a Sunday and off-peak season. As soon as we pulled in (hadn’t yet parked), we came across some deer. You’re on your honor as far as paying for entrance although we felt we could part with the, I think it was $5 charge.

Hoarfrost2The morning we set out on our hike through Metigoshe was gorgeous! We appropriately bundled up, but stayed pleasantly warm with the activity. We chose to hike Old Oak Trail, plus a few of the lesser trails. The terrain was a long shot away from what we’d just pushed through at the Grand Canyon (for those of you that don’t know, most of North Dakota is really really flat).

Everything was covered with a fine layer of beautiful hoarfrost. The isolation and peace really made the day.Hoarfrost It would have been easy to scoff at the simple yet picturesque landscape; however, we spent the day admiring the contrast of red berries covered in frost or marveling at how the ducks and geese could tolerate the ice bath of Lake Metigoshe. Conversation was relaxed and plentiful, and we appreciated just breathing in crisp clean air.

Sign Lake Metigoshe

If I’m ever camping with my future kids or nearby again, I would definitely love to check it out in the summer to see what fishing, swimming, and camping is like!



First blog: An introduction to me, an overview, and a start

I’ll begin with the answer to my own question, “Why blog?” I’m not naive enough to think that a ton of people are crazy interested in learning about my life. I even put it off because I didn’t want to be trendy, and I hate confrontational, angry so-called “debates” (they’re usually just a rant people!). The concept is also a little confusing. It’s like a diary, but one you let people read? Also, I was slightly terrified that my fellow speechies, English teacher sister, and other grammar know-it-alls would judge my writing. So, if that’s YOU please ignore my mistakes; I want this to be a fun creative outlet, not work. I have always loved to read; therefore, write, right? I dabbled with the idea of being a writer “when I grew up”. When my mother remarried a wonderful man, me being a punk kid who wasn’t quite ready for a step-dad, mentally wrote a book entitled, The Stepfather, where he slowly killed off myself and my five older siblings. I’m pretty sure I also wrote some horrible poems after a poetry unit in elementary and junior high school. However, being a sensible North Dakotan who was taught to go college and get a safe career, I quickly eliminated the option of becoming a writer. Recently, with so many of my friends quitting their 9-5s to be fitness coaches or stay at home moms via their multi-level marketing businesses, I thought “Hey, maybe I should blog to keep those skills in check so that one day I can sneak a novel in there!?” At the very least, it will satisfy my craving that began in 2013 when I decided I needed a hobby, craft, or new project. Topics for upcoming blogs, & defining introductory points include the following:

What did I end up choosing as a career? Not too far off but certainly more secure, I became a speech-language pathologist (SLP). It has its foundations in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Though not everyone shares the love of the word, I find that many of my colleagues have a shared fascination with language. More on speech therapy in a future blog though; SLP is its own topic entirely.

BabyI love animals, specifically cats. This too may be a separate blog in order for me to share with you all the members of my household. Therefore, crazy cat ladies, subscribe/follow!

I have a fitness addiction.

I’m currently preggo (first time mom). I’m going to try not to be one of those obsessed mommies who post six baby status updates a day (possibly with TMI) plus 10 pictures, but I’m also a realist, and this could definitely happen.

I’m Christian.

I’m married to a tall, dark, & handsome meathead wrestling coach/nerdy accountant. I too was surprised to discover he was like an onion, with layers. I think we have a great marriage though I most definitely do not pretend to have some crazy unattainable perfect life.

I have a large, close-knit crazy family. Everyone says that though (the craziness part) so maybe it will just be something relatable for everyone.

I love to read. All genres. I’ll post blog-book reviews and other times will see if I can tack on a blurb at the end of a post.

I’m a self proclaimed great cook and a so-so baker. I’ve been told I naturally eat pretty healthy, but I also love more than my fair share of naughties so there should be some great variety with that as well. I’m sure there’s more to cover, but I need to get this going.

Most recently completed book (1/10/14): Still Missing by: Chevy Stevens

A thriller/mystery that I had recommended to me by someone over a year ago when I took a Facebook poll on books to read. I checked it out from the Fargo Public Library-Main Branch. The story covered the adult-napping of the main character via snippets told to her psychologist as she tried to recover from her posttraumatic stress disorder. The story climaxed as the real mystery behind the protagonist’s year of hell is revealed.

I completely overdid the Mary Higgins Clark/mystery genre in high school. Therefore, I hadn’t read much of it in the past few years and greedily ate up this story. It was cliché in a few parts, and if this isn’t your genre then this book isn’t likely to convert you. It was a very easy read, with no hidden meanings or themes, just straight up fiction.

Latest new recipe tried (1/19/14): Chess Squares or Cream Cheese Blond Brownies

I found this as a pin on Pinterest which then led me to the recipe on Kevin {&} Amanda’s page. These are definitely on the naughty side of the spectrum, but I recently graduated into the second trimester without gaining any weight so I decided congratulatory treats were in order. Also, I’ve had this recipe pinned for a really long time without making it. Side rant: pins on Pinterest either have to be someday-doable inspiration or functional/usable, in my opinion!

They were deliciously rich. Blond Cheesecake BrownieI battled the sweetness a bit by pairing with a tangy strawberry. Bottom line: EASY! I’d for sure make them again, but will be difficult for my small household to finish, and they may have to go to work with my hubby.

P.S. I love side rants (mini-ones that is!).