A Little Bit of Purpose

When was the last time you….

gave someone encouraging words and actually meant it?

Someone once told me that people can tell if you’re sincere or not. Since I work in a rehab setting, where productivity and minutes matter, I’d often finish with a patient, tell them to have a good day, and leave. After hearing that, I decided to look them in the eye and mean it. The results are self explanatory.

distinguished yourself from everyone else?

Our pastor recently gave us some excerpts from a book he read. He summarized that a large scale study found that Christians were only more likely to give to a religious organization than other individuals. They were just as likely to lie, steal, or cheat on their spouses.

We segue-wayed into our church mission statement, “Build a community, to reach a community.” This really got my husband and I thinking. If Jesus & our church calls us to pray, give, serve, and participate in order to build a community, we are failing. I’ve always said I don’t like kids. I want my own, but I don’t want to volunteer in the nursery. A year or so earlier, I’d read “The Purpose Driven Life” and was left feeling even more confused. However, this time, we had some ideas. We immediately gave some money to a couple that had unforeseen medical bills. It wasn’t a grand total. We actually had felt convicted to give it several months prior, but we pushed it aside with excuses, “We just had a baby”, “I’m on maternity leave and not making an income”…

Next, I donated breast milk to a woman that cannot produce enough on her own.

Lastly, my husband just decided that we should sell our car (AKA give via an extremely low exchange of money) to a woman we are only acquainted to who is recovering her life.

didn’t generalize?

I don’t have a fun story for you here where I did, “the right thing”.

I saw a comment today on a news thread. The story had nothing to do with a comment that said something to the extent of, Crazy Republicans always full of hate. I was taken aback because the story was about some teens getting kicked out of a school dance. Nothing political.

That’s all. Short, so that hopefully I can publish before boy-boy wakes up.


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